A little engagment bliss.

In turning 29….

I have grown into my own little old soul. I have fallen in love for love. I have made mistakes. I have learned from those mistakes and overcome them. I continue to act a fool in my car with the true belief that my windows are tinted (which they are not). I have created two lives. I care for another. All in all my life up until 29 has been pretty swell.

But, this Birthday was different.

I am currently pregnant and due at any moment. For my Birthday this year my boyfriend Shane decided to surprise me. I started off my surprise Birthday weekend with a morning Maternity massage… words can’t describe how amazing it feels to have someone rub you down when you cant even see your feet. When I was finished being rubbed down…. I drove home to find an empty house. Shane had taken our sweet Kailyn to see her Mimi for the weekend. We then got in the car and DROVE.

When we got a bit closer I started to see city buildings and was welcomed to a Las Angeles weekend. Our first stop was the LACMA. We walked around hand in hand looking, laughing and being genuinely confused by the art here. We walked around for a couple of hours and got lost in conversation, finally alone. We then loaded ourselves up and headed to our hotel. It was about 10 minutes away from the LACMA and right across from the Staples center. We checked into the hotel and went upstairs where I was greeted to a suite! The room was beautiful it had a small sofa room with a TV and attached was the bedroom where the bed….. WAS amazing and so was the bathroom. Shane got dressed and I fixed myself up and off we went to dinner. We ate close to our hotel at Yard House ( a favorite of ours). We ate and then went back to our hotel. When we arrived back at the hotel we bundled up a bit and headed out.

Shane was very dead set on seeing the LACMA light exhibit at night and I could not be more excited. It was my favorite part of the LACMA. The lights at night are magical. When we walked up we both were in love with the view. We entered the light exhibit and Shane asked this sweet lady to take our photo. In that moment I could not believe what was happening.

Shane was down on one knee proposing.

We could not be more excited to get married!!


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