Happy 4th of July baby bliss…

The eve of Independence day my contractions started out around 15 minutes apart… then grew to ten minutes apart. Following the instructions of my OB I was told to wait it out for an hour and if the are still “regular” then head to the hospital. After waiting two hours from the fear of being rejected at the hospital we decided to pack up our little family and head to our Hospital (Sharp Mary Birch-San Diego). After being admitted and monitored for an hour they decided to send us home… I was ready at this point to try and break my own water. Shane and I went home alone the last night as just us in our bed that night.

Independence Day had arrived, I was exhausted after my walk at 1 am and contractions had started the moment I awoke. At this point we left to go and get Kailyn from my brother and sister in-laws. My contractions were 12-15 minutes apart the entire way to Alpine. Only staying a few minutes I realized the contractions were more painful and more frequent. On our way home they began to increase in intensity so I made the call to go back to the Hospital. I was hooked up to the machine for no longer than an hour when they decided it was time to prep me for my c-section, It was go time. I was scared and nervous yet calm and completely collected. Shane was amazing the entire time. He put my underwear on me, helped me get dressed, and was a complete gentleman. I scored to say the least.

Cohen Austin Gage Seal was born 7/4/2015 at 2:57pm. 7.7 pounds & 19.9 inches.

IMG_4564 IMG_4566 IMG_4589 IMG_4591 IMG_4616 IMG_4712 IMG_4717 IMG_4725bw IMG_4728

The feeling of being completely content in life is what its like to have two healthy beautiful babies and an amazing man by my side.

Thanks life.

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