There are simply a few words to describe yoga for me.


Being a Mother of two amazing kids takes not only time but dedication to structure a life for my family or my walls around me would tend to crumble. Noticing that since I am a stay at home mom, nanny and Photographer I am home a lot. In between these walls all things reality close around me. After having my second child I was bombarded with a lot of emotions…. How will I handle two children? How will I do sharing this experience this time around? How will I feel mentally after having my second? How will I feel Physically? How will I look Physically and what changes will come to my body this time around? What will the age difference be like and will they get along? Will my Kailyn even like her brother?

There was a lot of stress and questions and not a lot of space to release these stressors.

After having Cohen via Cesarian ( my 2nd Cesarian) I was so nervous. I am not one to sit well for longer than 5 minutes, having a borderline hyperthyroid has helped with that my entire life. I was nervous to be inactive to sit in the walls around me.

At first it was beautiful, Cohen slept like a champ and was doing great. Then I started to lose production of milk in my right breast which lead to frustration. I then tried everything to restore the production but nothing helped. Being incredibly uncomfortable mentally and physically I decided to join a yoga studio to have a place to restore all balance in my life. I then started with a friend the very next week.

Its been 3 months of me attending classes at this sweet little space. I have learned a lot from attending classes at Yoga Bound not only about myself mentally but physically also. I have learned that even though I get 2-5 hours of sleep a night I am able to attend class and completely go home refreshed back to my family. I have learned that I can’t control everything and I have no say in what life throws at me. I am back to my old flat chested self and back to my old figure with a lovely little sense of flexi-bend. My husband isn’t complaining.

I’m also dabbling into essential oils, so far my little family has been experimented on with these….

Kailyn(6yr) – lemon- I added the lemon drop to her water and she drank it up. I struggle with trying to get her to drink water and the lemon really made her want to drink more.

Cohen (3mo)- lavender- The lavender is a bit strong and so I defused it in our room during nap time. He slept amazing. I also added one drop of oil to my hands and rubbed them together and moved them in a fanning motion above him. He stopped crying and was so soothed. I can’t say enough great things about the lavender!

Check OUT Yoga Bound in Carlsbad!!

Yoga Bound | 2697 State St, Carlsbad, CA 92008 | (760) 720-9642

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