Dating the wee-est babes.

I think dating your spouse is just as important as dating your children.

They are special too. They deserve to feel as if you are taking time out of your busy day and focusing on just them. Being that I am a mom of TWO beautiful babes dating them is not always the easiest.

Cohen is just starting solids ( stay tuned l will be showing hands on how to make your own BABY food next week!) so he is not the easiest to bring out. However, I have found that Cafe’s or small coffee shops are more than equip with everything I need to feed this babe homemade food.

I simply bring a frozen selected food with me in my DIAPER BAG ( stay tuned I will be showing you what’s in my diaper bag this week!) and ask for a cup of boiling hot water for tea. As I allow the baby food to melt for Cohen I get Kailyn ( 7 years old) all situated with her breakfast….. This am I splurged and allowed the red velvet muffin. I normally am boring and make her stick to her berries.

Once the food is ready you are able to allow the older sibling to help. Miss K loves that she can feed Cohen now, she felt the baby blues with feeding.

We dated at out favorite little café here in Oceanside, Ca.

The Succulent Café | 322 N. Cleveland St. | Oceanside, Ca. | 92054



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