What exactly is in my diaper bag……

To begin I will admit three truth’s about me…. First, I am anal retentive. Second, I plan for the worst hope for the best. Third, I am a second time mother.

In choosing a bag I was not going for glamour this time around. Coach bags are nice but lack what you really need in a convenient carry-all-your-baby-shit bag. I needed something that could not only be with me at the grocery store but with me when I am hiking up giant ass hills at the Safari Park.

I went with the Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel and the Wistful Weekender. The Satchel is shown below…..

I am currently dealing with a teething 6 month old whom also happens to have a wee cold… I don’t usually carry meds on me but I added this because these are my absolute favorite products! The Teething tablets are life savers! I was hesitant to try any type of cold/cough aid for our 6 month old however heard awesome reviews on the Zarbee’s Homeopathic cough medicine that actually turns out to do wonders!


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