banana pancakes


In my house if Mom has a day off you also score. Husband has his Wifey home to cook dinner, clean house and even get his sandwich made for the next day. Thursday’s are the BEE’S KNEES in this home.

I make breaky instead of leaving out cereal or oatmeal for Kailyn. Her typical requests range anywhere from a bagel with avocado on top to French toast. Being that French toast is not the healthiest of foods I like to stray.

This am she decided on banana pancakes. I use the traditional JUST ADD WATER pancake mix….. and this……

1/2 tsp Ginger | 1 tbsp Cinnamon | 1 tsp Vanilla | 1 Banana

mix 1/2 banana in batter

pour and bake

This am no special colors were requested (SHOCKING FOLKS)!! I just garnish the top with bananas…. no need for syrup if you have littles like mine.


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