A man. 

To define a man I must take a step back. I must regroup and begin to define where I came from…. A man. My only “Man” influence was my dad. Though my parents were divorced and I came from that crazy “broken family” I still only knew a MAN as my father. The man who put me here with reason. 

I can’t say I have had my luck with MEN in the past. I had a child with a boy whom has never laid eyes on those gorgeous hazel beauties that belong to MY 7 year old daughter. But, what I never realized was he was a MAN when he said goodbye. He gave that sweet unborn baby a chance at a real life. A life where one day a REAL MAN would come along and love her enough to not want to walk away or put himself before her. 

That day came a few years ago.

There comes a turning point in a BOYS life that defines him as a man. It’s not the hair under your arms or the deeper voice. It’s truly being aware that you would be able and willing to protect, provide and love to better another life. 

I am married for the second time and fall more in love everyday with my husband. ( It’s more like a learning stepping stone to the face) THIS IS LOVE my body screams. 

Enjoy. These are the benefits of finally being with a man.  


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