All I want for Mother’s Day is breakfast in bed.

I want ugly cartoon drawings from my 7 year old and drool or spit up from my almost 10 moth old. I want all the smelly breath kisses from husband… after pillow talk of course.

I want the smell of breakfast to flow throw my little home and greet me in bed not below my face getting singed by bacon grease – (says the vegetarian)

I want to hear life from afar while I lay my head face down in my pillows.

I want to  be completely useless and then eat.

This is only a request that comes around once a year and for only one morning. Here is why….

I live and breath babies. Not even my own sometimes. I wake and get two other people ready for their day before myself. Then I go and get two more children ready and care for them also. I do this willingly because I love being home with my babes and seeing them grow directly in front of my eyes. I get all the funnies and NOT SO FUNNIES. Good is taken with bad and the rest is released via yoga for my sanity.  Or wine, I like wine.

But, to take a step back and to actually listen to what you have grown is beautiful. Listening from afar and not actually interacting is sometimes all the reassurance you need to keep going. I will hear my daughter step out of her comfort zone and actually listen to my husband out of love for me. I will hear my husband fall in love with me all over again trying to remember how I like my eggs. I will laugh in bed alone listening to him trying to juggle 2 kids and a puppy alone. He will do this all flawlessly, or not allow me to think or know otherwise.

Finally, the 3 of them will all crowd me in bed to watch while I will eat their hard work. Not alone, just back with the loves that don’t want to leave me alone.

Alone is never what you are as a Mother and I could not imagine living without them.

Cheers to never peeing alone.

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