bronco brittney

I had to have been 9 maybe 10. Bareback on one of my evil step mothers horses. Holding onto my Dad for dear life yet trying to remember everything I was taught in my English horseback riding lessons. Nope, none of my lessons were coming back and the horse kept rearing. As I was bucked off my only memory was of his face. My Dad had this shear look of terror as he dove with such speed to land just underneath me to protect my fall. If there was ever a thing as super human strength, my Dad sure as shit contained it. We sat for the duration of the day being waited on while we played Super Mario Brothers with ice packs attached to our butts.

Never again did I mount any horse beast. I was bronco Brittney from then on. My fear has remained, though friends and now offspring love them. I try to teach Kailyn to face her fears to over come them and become a fearless individual. That backfired.

Our sweet ray of sunshine has decided that horseback riding lessons is what she wants to focus on. Fine. I assure you I looked long and hard. ( This is a bold-faced falsehood ) My friend Ray has this amazing little gem of a wife and she happens to teach horseback riding lessons. I knew after speaking to Chelsea that she would be a perfect fit for Kailyn. She is stern and focused on safety yet understands all her horses so well that I was actually comfortable. I shit you not my Husband borderline had to drag me out of the car at first. Warming up to it all was interesting, standing thirty ft away from the horse yet listening and prepared to become super human myself at any moment. That moment never came. She lasted an entire class and was not bucked off once.

We fell in love with the smile on Kailyn’s face. I laughed and watched as a horse trotted and joggled her brains up and down. We watched her listen and control an animal that terrifies grown adults. I cant wait to go back! Thank you Chelsea with JACC and CO!


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