bittersweet. time.

Just when you think you have this whole life thing down…

In a funk are you?

It is not just you. Everyone is losing their shit. But, if you want to lose your shit these days you better have money or a good support system.

Being that I could care less about money and have an amazing support system, I rarely lose my shit. See what I did there, I do lose my shit. If I didn’t have my Husband by my side I am sure the lost shit count would be pretty entertaining.

As a Mother and Wife I have to remind myself to slow down to stop and smell the roses. Even if that actually means picking myself up while being covered in baby poop and spaghetti sauce at the same time with the kitchen on fire. I assure you both my kids are safe and I have yet to burn the kitchen down.

Cohen is ONE and climbing, running and pretty much terrorizing every inch of our little hood. Kailyn is almost 8 and has shocked me beyond words over this past summer. We have grown a bit and she has grown to loving him a little more everyday.

Here is a little glimpse of the progress as a mom of two. Swoon and be still my beating soul.




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