From the sea to the mountains…

How the fuck is Brittney doing you ask,

Mountains are cold. Not like the thick foggy coastal cold. Its a frozen type of cold up here. I will admit we are balls deep in October and I refuse to send my rainbows into hiding. It’s quiet up here, above it all. Shane and I have very little help up here, none actually. With our families over an our away its not an easy adventure. Yet we have lived here for almost 2 months and none of our family has seen our little home. Our Mom’s have seen it so of course the mom’s matter. My girlfriend Larissa keeps my head up, she is like me but we have this weird tendency to be exactly what the other needs in the moments of need. She is like my husband but I can’t have sex with her, our husbands would probably frown upon this. Her Grandma lives up here and honestly was my saving grace our first week. But, other than her I guess that phrase “you learn who you’re friends are” really comes into play.

As a married couple with two kids we have quite the interesting time keeping things romantic, fun and wild. Yet we do. There is something amazing about feeling safe. Feeling like no matter who is around there will always be that one person who is by you’re side.  Through the car rides that we love and hate yet, I get to grab his junk. Through the reality of there is no FUCKING Starbucks anywhere near me yet, my husband makes the best cup of morning sunshine. Through the times where you hear wild animals killing each other outside and laugh because its better than drunk girls in Carlsbad. Even when the house you purchased is falling apart and the fence is on the fritz… you fall more in love with the fact that you’re husband has his shirt off and well owns loud man tools. Life couldn’t be better.

There has to come a time in one’s life where you let go. Let go of the people whom don’t make the effort. Let go of the thoughts you have that don’t benefit you. Let go of those opinions from others whom bother you, the opinions are formed from negativity. I personally do not have time for negativity. I wont allow it. Here is why, I am too old for that shit.

I’m too old to care what others think, I’m too old to care what others do and I’m even too old to waste my time on those whom don’t bring positivity. We are all here for a short time… make the change and be the person you want by you’re side. Or be alone, be what makes you happy and benefits you.

Welcome to Julian.


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