A duo.

There are little words to describe the strength of a Mother. I find several yet none that actually describe what a Mother is. This Mother in particular was someone who has left a sweet little imprint. This adorable boy was born premature. Though tough and strong, he has endured more than most adults. Including myself. I can honestly say I am thankful for women like this. Women who put their child’s needs first. Thank you for not only serving our country but being an overly amazing mom to that sweet boy of yours.


for the love of pie

Meeting a stranger in a small mountain town to take family photos…..

This sweet trio came into that scenario with such charm and optimism.

As we walked the streets of Julian we all fell in love with the smell of fresh baked pie. Not only does this family serve our awesome country but they are also small town souls. This makes my heart and camera pretty happy.


king turns ONE.

Events have always given me anxiety. Until the moment I show up and look at the Mom. I laugh at myself and throw one little jab at myself “You thought you were stressed”…

With Amy this moment never happened. She is what I envy in some Mom’s. She made the day with her soft tone and sweet crafting skills.

You are one lucky boy Kingston.