Autism Society of San Diego…

I was asked to capture the “Walk and Rock for Autism” this year being the second annual… I was honored. After capturing the “Light, Camera, Autism” event a few months back I couldn’t wait to reconnect with Autism Society. Since I had helped last, our son Cohen has started RDI , for us this was a better more appropriate way for our son to excel. I know there is ample amounts of studies where ABA has been beneficial. Cohen isn’t one of those cases.

When I showed up to Cal State San Marcos I was literally assembling make up in the car. There were so many supporters I couldn’t help but leave in tears. Watching children whom are older and living with Autism, out and about. No matter if they were on their tippy toes, had ample amounts of information to tell me on one subject or just really excited to be set free in on the track. It was amazing to see the amount of love and support present.

I loved every minute of this event. Thank you Autism Society of San Diego for the amazing morning.



When the coast comes to visit…

These gems. I adore the nature at which everyone is smiling at all different times and for all different reasons. Mom seems stoked that both kids are out of the car and she got to make out with her husband while the kids explored. The Dad was all about his wife and it showed with the way he gleamed when she was close. Kids will always be good when they are unleashed into nature. All is well on the Holiday session front….



That Holiday Cheer.

This sweet tribe had me all over their property admiring the beauty of the mountains, old cars and tractors. Who doesn’t like a good old orange tractor. The morning of our shoot we had the worst weather we have had in over a month. It was windy and cold and wet. Yet we all set out for the best little morning in the fall wonderland.


my zen among zen

Being a mom and having a child that counts on you to be there to be his voice is the most powerful job out there. I know that his Dad shares this job and for that I am so indebted. Being that there aren’t the best moments for me to get away its important for me to still maintain my sense of me. My husband purchased me a spa session here a few years back and I always seem to come back. There is something about the atmosphere and the open ambiance that enduces relaxation for me. Leaving my kids isn’t fun for me unless well I’m being spoiled. This place is called the Bergamot Spa


the peach in me.

Getting to experience Georgia with no kids and my husband was amazing. We took off and he scared the shit out of me in regards to the turbulence. We drank entirely too much vodka. Sorry liver. We hiked to a water fall and left our signature rock tower in nature. We made new friends and bonded closer with old. We have memories. Here are just a few from our little trip to Georgia.